Protein Evolution

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Bitter Taste Sensitivity in Humans and Chimpanzees
Maik Behrens, Wolfgang Meyerhof
Published online: June 2013
Evolution of Voltage‐Gated Sodium Channels
Jenny Widmark, Dan Larhammar
Published online: June 2013
Evolution of Adaptive Immunity
Nadia Danilova
Published online: April 2013
Evolution of the Metazoan Extracellular Matrix
Josephine C Adams
Published online: April 2013
Gene Structure: Evolution
Tomoko Ohta
Published online: April 2013
Dual‐Coding Regions in Alternatively Spliced Human Genes
Han Liang, Laura F Landweber
Published online: April 2013
Selection against Amino Acid Replacements in Human Proteins
Sankar Subramanian
Published online: March 2013
Trypsinogen Genes: Insights into Molecular Evolution from the Study of Pathogenic Mutations
Jian‐Min Chen, David N Cooper, Claude Férec
Published online: February 2013
Exons and Protein Modules
László Patthy
Published online: February 2013
Complement System: Evolution
Masaru Nonaka, Reo Sekiguchi
Published online: January 2013
Evolution of Uric Acid Metabolism in Humans
Bonifacio Alvarez‐Lario, Jesús Macarrón‐Vicente
Published online: January 2013
Evolution of Genetic Resistance/Susceptibility to Malaria Infection
Kanjaksha Ghosh, Kinjalka Ghosh
Published online: August 2012
Evolution of Transcription Factors in Caenorhabditis
Richard Jovelin
Published online: April 2012
Aerobic Methanotrophy and Nitrification: Processes and Connections
Lisa Y Stein, Réal Roy, Peter F Dunfield
Published online: April 2012
Evolution and Function of the RelA/SpoT Homologue (RSH) Proteins
Gemma C Atkinson, Vasili Hauryliuk
Published online: February 2012
Adaptive Evolution of Centromeric Proteins
Kevin C Roach, Benjamin D Ross, Harmit S Malik
Published online: November 2011
Protein Conservation in Virus Evolution
Mart Krupovic, Dennis H Bamford
Published online: May 2011
Primate Evolution: Gene Loss and Inactivation
Yoko Satta
Published online: February 2011
Comparative Genomics of the Major Chemosensory Gene Families in Arthropods
Alejandro Sánchez‐Gracia, Filipe G Vieira, Francisca C Almeida, Julio Rozas
Published online: February 2011
Adaptive Gene Loss in Vertebrates: Photosensitivity as a Model Case
Wayne L Davies
Published online: January 2011
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