Reconstruction of Phylogeny

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Sophie Montuire
Published online: December 2020
Sophie Montuire
Published online: December 2020
Anne M Musser
Published online: December 2020
Agnatha (Lampreys, Hagfishes, Ostracoderms)
Philippe Janvier
Published online: October 2020
Reptilia (Reptiles)
Michael J Benton
Published online: October 2020
Molecular Phylogeny Reconstruction
Fabia U Battistuzzi, Sudhir Kumar
Published online: October 2020
Phylogeny Reconstruction
Iker Irisarri
Published online: October 2020
Eutheria (Placental Mammals)
Alexander O Averianov
Published online: September 2020
Nematoda (Roundworms)
George Poinar
Published online: September 2020
Nematomorpha (Horsehair Worms)
George Poinar
Published online: August 2020
Alessandro Minelli, Giuseppe Fusco
Published online: July 2020
Aharon Oren
Published online: May 2020
How Advances in Phylogenetic Methods Change Our Understanding of the Evolutionary Emergence of Land Plants (Embryophyta)
Mark N Puttick, Jennifer L Morris, Tom A Williams, Dianne Edwards, Paul Kenrick, Silvia Pressel, Charles H Wellman, Harald Schneider, David Pisani, Philip CJ Donoghue
Published online: February 2020
Phylogeny and Evolution of Vascular Plants
Yin‐Long Qiu
Published online: November 2018
Universal Tree of Life
Patrick Forterre, Violette Da Cunha, Morgan Gaïa
Published online: June 2018
Phylogenomics of Snakes
Jeffrey W Streicher, Sara Ruane
Published online: February 2018
Evolutionary Biology and Mitochondrial Genomics: 50 000 Mitochondrial DNA Genomes and Counting
Rob DeSalle, Heike Hadrys
Published online: July 2017
Evolutionary History of Polar and Brown Bears
Frank Hailer, Andreanna J Welch
Published online: July 2016
Molecular Phylogenetic Analyses in Court Trials
Fernando González‐Candelas
Published online: June 2016
Origin of Metazoan Patterning Systems and the Role of ANTP‐Class Homeobox Genes
Morgane Thomas‐Chollier, Pedro Martinez
Published online: February 2016
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