Molecular Genetics of Common and Complex Disease

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Genetics of Early Miscarriages
Daniel Vaiman
Published online: September 2016
Genetics of Psoriasis
Anamika Das, Aditi Chandra, Anirudhya Lahiri, Shalini Datta, Swapan Senapati, Raghunath Chatterjee
Published online: September 2016
Factor V Leiden
Björn Dahlbäck
Published online: September 2016
Molecular Genetics of Macular Degeneration
Jessica N Cooke Bailey, Jonathan L Haines
Published online: July 2016
Molecular Genetics of Ankylosing Spondylitis
Judith A Smith
Published online: June 2016
Genetics of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Beatriz Guillén‐Guío, Marialbert Acosta‐Herrera, Jesús Villar, Carlos Flores
Published online: April 2016
Genetics of Human Zinc Deficiencies
Christer Hogstrand, Wolfgang Maret
Published online: April 2016
Genetics of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Thomas M Barber, Franks Stephen
Published online: March 2016
Sophia Kaska, Michelle Mazei‐Robison
Published online: March 2016
Higher Order Genetic Interactions and Complex Trait Variation
Takeshi Matsui, Ian M Ehrenreich
Published online: February 2016
Translational Readthrough of Premature Termination Codons in a Therapeutic Context
Laure Bidou, Blanchet Sandra, Namy Olivier
Published online: February 2016
Genetic Risk for Substance Abuse and Addiction: Family and Twin Studies
Carol A Prescott, Rubin Khoddam, Thalida E Arpawong
Published online: January 2016
Genetic Influences on Dental Caries
Alexandre R Vieira
Published online: January 2016
Molecular Genetics of Preeclampsia
Paula J Williams
Published online: January 2016
Cholesterol Metabolism and Vascular Disease
Patrick Wainwright, Aidan Ryan, Rasaq Olufadi, Christopher D Byrne
Published online: November 2015
The Genetics of Stuttering
Carlos EF Domingues, Dennis Drayna
Published online: October 2015
MicroRNAs in Cardiovascular Development and Diseases
Shivangi Mishra, Tanuja Yadav, Anshu Rani, Vibha Rani
Published online: July 2015
mRNA Splicing: Role of snRNAs
Richard A Padgett
Published online: June 2015
Genetics of Non‐alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Ursa Kovac, Damjana Rozman
Published online: June 2015
Obesity: Genetics
Struan FA Grant, Shana E McCormack
Published online: April 2015
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