Microbial Evolution and Taxonomy

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Escherichia Coli and the Development of Bacterial Genetics
Claire G Cupples
Published online: June 2020
Magnetotaxis in Prokaryotes
Fernanda Abreu, Viviana Morillo, Denis Trubitsyn, Dennis A Bazylinski
Published online: May 2020
Aharon Oren
Published online: May 2020
Dickeya Plant Pathogens
Nicole Hugouvieux‐Cotte‐Pattat, Guy Condemine, Erwan Gueguen, Vladimir E Shevchik
Published online: March 2020
Plant Endophytes
Hans J Lyngs Jørgensen, David B Collinge, Edward C Rojas, Meike A C Latz, Andrea Manzotti, Fani Ntana, Birgit Jensen
Published online: March 2020
Vitaly I Duda, Natalia E Suzina, Alexander M Boronin
Published online: March 2020
Rhynchosporium commune
Anna Avrova
Published online: March 2020
Endophytic Fungi
Roger T Koide
Published online: November 2019
Virus Replication in Multicellular Photosynthetic Life Forms
Dean McKeown, Declan C Schroeder
Published online: September 2019
Richard W Jordan, Ryohei Fujita, Susumu Konno, Ruth Eriksen
Published online: September 2019
Aharon Oren
Published online: June 2019
Reproductive Parasitism and Positive Fitness Effects of Heritable Microbes
Georgia C Drew, Crystal L Frost, Gregory DD Hurst
Published online: February 2019
Eukaryotic and Bacterial Antimicrobial Peptides
Benjamin J Thomas
Published online: February 2019
Algal Cell Walls
David Domozych
Published online: January 2019
Universal Tree of Life
Patrick Forterre, Violette Da Cunha, Morgan Gaïa
Published online: June 2018
Choukri B Mamoun, David R Allred
Published online: April 2018
Wood Decay Fungi
Grant T Kirker
Published online: February 2018
Svetlana N Dedysh, Jaap S Sinninghe Damsté
Published online: January 2018
Loss of Self‐Incompatibility by Mating‐Type Switching
Bart PS Nieuwenhuis
Published online: August 2017
Shiladitya DasSarma, Priya DasSarma
Published online: May 2017
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