Evolution of Coding and Functional Modules

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Structural Proteins: Genes for Collagen
Mon‐Li Chu
Published online: January 2011
Pseudogenes and Their Evolution
Ondrej Podlaha, Jianzhi Zhang
Published online: November 2010
Nuclear Sequences of Mitochondrial Origin as Phylogenetic Markers
Einat Hazkani‐Covo
Published online: October 2010
Evolution of the Interferon Regulatory Factor Family
Jiří Nehyba, Radmila Hrdličková, Henry R Bose
Published online: September 2010
Population Genetics: Overview
Warren J Ewens
Published online: September 2010
Evolution of Eukaryotic RNA Polymerases
Guy Drouin, Robert Carter
Published online: September 2010
Evolution of C2H2 Zinc‐finger Gene Families in Mammals
Hamsa Dhwani Tadepally, Muriel Aubry
Published online: May 2010
Evolution of the Genetic Code
Shin‐ichi Yokobori, Takuya Ueda, Kimitsuna Watanabe
Published online: April 2010
Predicting Molecular Evolutionary Trajectories in Principle and in Practice
Daniel M Weinreich
Published online: March 2010
Meiotic Sex Chromosome Inactivation
Tasman J Daish, Frank Grützner
Published online: February 2010
Nuclear Receptor Genes: Evolution
Pablo J Sáez, Soledad Lange, Tomas Pérez‐Acle, Gareth I Owen
Published online: January 2010
Pseudoautosomal Inheritance
Jay W Ellison
Published online: December 2009
Evolution of Nuclear Receptor Pseudogenes
Daniel J Fairbanks
Published online: December 2009
Positive Selection and Alternative Splicing in Humans
Mikhail S Gelfand, Vasily E Ramensky
Published online: December 2009
The Origin and Evolution of Programmed Cell Death
Jean Claude Ameisen
Published online: December 2009
Mutation Rate of Non‐CpG DNA
Anthony V Furano, Jean‐Claude Walser
Published online: December 2009
Translational Components in Prokaryotes: Genetics and Regulation of Ribosomes
Rolf Wagner
Published online: December 2009
Allele‐specific mRNA Splicing in Human
V Nembaware, C Seoighe
Published online: September 2009
Regulatory Genes in Ancestral Chordates
Yasunori Sasakura
Published online: September 2009
Comparative Analysis of miRNA‐mediated Gene Regulation in Mammals
Yaou Zhang, Qing Lv
Published online: September 2009
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