Drugs and the Brain

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Animal Models of Human Behaviour
Stephen C Maxson
Published online: June 2010
Steven N Treistman
Published online: March 2009
Cannabinoids and Their Receptors
Alex Straiker
Published online: December 2007
Alcoholism: Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism (COGA)
John P Rice, Nancy L Saccone, Tatiana Foroud, Howard J Edenberg, John I Nurnberger, Alison Goate, Raymond R Crowe, Victor Hesselbrock, Marc Schuckit, Bernice Porjesz, Theodore Reich, Henri Begleiter
Published online: July 2006
Hanns Möhler
Published online: January 2006
Epilepsy: Management
Carl W Bazil
Published online: September 2005
Receptor Binding in Drug Discovery
Kurt Jarnagin
Published online: March 2004
Limbic System
Robert L Isaacson
Published online: July 2003
Affective Disorders
Sarah Gartside
Published online: July 2003
Drugs and the Synapse
Darin J Knapp, Charles R Breese, Robert A Mueller, George R Breese
Published online: April 2001
Pain: Control
Cathy M Russo
Published online: April 2001
Opiate Receptors
PY Law, Horace H Loh
Published online: April 2001
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