Neurobiology of Disease

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Mood Disorders
Victor I Reus
Published online: April 2017
Spinal Cord Injury: Repair, Plasticity and Rehabilitation
Paul J Reier, Dena R Howland, Gordon Mitchell, Jonathan R Wolpaw, Daniel Hoh, Michael A Lane
Published online: March 2017
Loretta MS Lau, Meredith S Irwin
Published online: March 2017
Genetics of Epileptic Encephalopathies
Elizabeth E Palmer, Rani Sachdev, Tejaswi Kandula, Rebecca Macintosh, Edwin Kirk, Annie Bye
Published online: March 2017
Psychiatric Disorders: The Search for Genes
Francis J McMahon
Published online: January 2017
Genetics of Suicidality
Olivia Blackman, Lasky‐Su Jessica
Published online: January 2017
Receptors and Human Nervous System Disorders
Frédéric Knoflach, Daniel Bertrand
Published online: January 2017
Inherited Neuromuscular Disease
Elizabeth A Kichula, Toby A Ferguson, David R Lynch
Published online: January 2017
Molecular Genetics of DNA Polymerase Gamma‐associated Neurodegeneration
Charalampos Tzoulis, Laurence A Bindoff
Published online: November 2016
Molecular Genetics of Eating Disorders
Melissa A Munn‐Chernoff, Zeynep Yilmaz, Stacy Lin, Jessica H Baker
Published online: November 2016
Lipid Rafts and Neurological Diseases
Sandro Sonnino, Sara Grassi, Simona Prioni, Maria G Ciampa, Elena Chiricozzi, Alessandro Prinetti
Published online: May 2016
Erb's Palsy/Brachial Plexus Injury
Juanita Garces, Mansour Mathkour, Matthew Skovgard, Ascher Kaufmann, Olawale AR Sulaiman
Published online: March 2016
Sophia Kaska, Michelle Mazei‐Robison
Published online: March 2016
Mechanisms of RNA‐Induced Toxicity in Diseases Characterised by CAG Repeat Expansions
Judith Schilling, Nadine Griesche, Sybille Krauß
Published online: January 2016
Mitochondrial Fission/Fusion and Disease
Gavin C Higgins, Melinda T Coughlan
Published online: January 2016
Neural Tube Defects
Andrew J Copp, Nicholas DE Greene
Published online: January 2016
Victoria A Lawson
Published online: January 2016
Genetics of Essential Tremor
Félix Javier Jiménez‐Jiménez, Hortensia Alonso‐Navarro, Elena García‐Martín, Sara Ortega‐Cubero, Pau Pastor, José AG Agúndez
Published online: January 2016
Amyloid State of Proteins in Human Disease
Lianqi Huang, Kun Huang
Published online: November 2015
The Genetics of Stuttering
Carlos EF Domingues, Dennis Drayna
Published online: October 2015
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