Viruses Infecting Bacteria

Pub Date A-Z
From Foe to Friend: Therapeutic and Commercial Applications of Engineered Viruses
Jason L DeHart, Kurt I Kamrud
Published online: October 2018
DNA Replication: Prokaryotes
Shanna J Smith, Robert G Lingeman, Caroline M Li, Mustafa Raoof, Robert J Hickey, Linda H Malkas
Published online: August 2018
Jason A Tan, Gail E Christie
Published online: July 2017
Bacteriophages: Tailed
Robert L Duda, Alexis Huet
Published online: June 2016
Bacteriophage T4
Christopher K Mathews
Published online: August 2015
Membrane‐Containing Bacteriophages
Minna M Poranen, Dennis H Bamford, Hanna M Oksanen
Published online: April 2015
Bacteriophages and Food Safety
Joelle Woolston, Alexander Sulakvelidze
Published online: March 2015
Bacteriophage: Therapeutic Uses
David R Harper, Benjamin H Burrowes, Elizabeth M Kutter
Published online: August 2014
Filamentous Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications
Jasna Rakonjac
Published online: July 2012
Bacteriophages: Structure
Ana Cuervo, José L Carrascosa
Published online: June 2012
Jack Maniloff
Published online: April 2012
CRISPR/Cas System and Resistance to Bacteriophage Infection
Josiane E Garneau, Sylvain Moineau
Published online: July 2011
Bacteriophages with ssRNA
René Olsthoorn, Jan van Duin
Published online: July 2011
Microviridae: Microviruses and Gokushoviruses
James E Cherwa, Bentley A Fane
Published online: May 2011
Ecological Role of Viruses in Aquatic Ecosystems
Ian Hewson, Cheryl Chow, Jed A Fuhrman
Published online: December 2010
Bacteriophages in Industry
Michael J Callanan, Todd R Klaenhammer
Published online: September 2008
Curtis A Suttle
Published online: April 2001
Bacteriophage Lambda and its Relatives
Sherwood R Casjens, Roger W Hendrix
Published online: April 2001