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Primary Root
Inge Verstraeten, Ive De Smet
Published online: May 2017
Aquaporins: Channels for the Molecule of Life
Uwe G Hacke, Joan Laur
Published online: February 2016
Whole‐Plant Physiological Responses to Water‐Deficit Stress
Ian C Dodd, Annette C Ryan
Published online: January 2016
Roots: Contribution to the Rhizosphere
Gilberto Curlango‐Rivera, Uvini Gunawardena, Fushi Wen, Xiaowen Zhao, Zhongguo Xiong, Martha C Hawes
Published online: January 2016
Plant Responses to Phosphorus Availability
Angela Hodge
Published online: November 2015
Modelling Plant Hormone Gradients
Simon Moore, Xiaoxian Zhang, Junli Liu, Keith Lindsey
Published online: October 2015
Gravitropic Signaling in Plants
Simon Gilroy, Sarah J Swanson
Published online: June 2014
Adventitious Roots
Catherine Bellini
Published online: January 2014
Xylem Structure and Function
Alexander A Myburg, Simcha Lev‐Yadun, Ronald R Sederoff
Published online: October 2013
Root Apical Meristems
Jose Sebastian, Ji‐Young Lee
Published online: May 2013
Joseph G Dubrovsky, Thomas L Rost
Published online: July 2012
Genomics and the Rhizosphere
Adrian J Tett, Thomas R Turner, Philip S Poole
Published online: July 2012
James M Lynch, Frans de Leij
Published online: May 2012
Potassium in Plants
Anna Amtmann, Francisco Rubio
Published online: May 2012
Roots and Root Systems
Nancy M Kerk, Ian M Sussex
Published online: April 2012
Endodermis and Exodermis in Roots
Lukas Schreiber, Rochus B Franke
Published online: June 2011
Root Nodules (Legume–Rhizobium Symbiosis)
Nicholas J Brewin
Published online: November 2010
Rhizobium and Other N‐fixing Symbioses
Kristina Lindström, Seyed Abdollah Mousavi
Published online: November 2010
Plant–Fungal Interactions in Mycorrhizas
P Bonfante
Published online: June 2010
Plant Nitrogen Nutrition and Transport
Anthony J Miller
Published online: May 2010
Plant Organ Primordia
Catherine A Kidner
Published online: April 2010
Lateral/Secondary Roots
Soazig Guyomarc'h, Mikaël Lucas, Laurent Laplaze
Published online: April 2010
Plant–Water Relations
John B Passioura
Published online: February 2010
Lateral Meristems
J Peter Etchells, Simon Turner
Published online: December 2009
Flooding‐Stress in Plants
Martin M Sachs
Published online: December 2008
Listings: 1-25   26-29