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Eutrophication of Lakes and Rivers
Emily Duncan, Peter JA Kleinman, Andrew N Sharpley
Published online: February 2012
Conservation Biology and Biodiversity
Derric N Pennington, Taylor Ricketts
Published online: December 2011
Ecosystem Services
Trista M Patterson
Published online: December 2011
Biogeographical Regions
Richard Huggett
Published online: October 2011
Agricultural Production
David Pimentel
Published online: October 2011
Environmental Impact Assessment
Bram F Noble
Published online: September 2011
Systematics: Relevance to the Twenty‚Äźfirst Century
Ghillean T Prance
Published online: January 2011
Ecological Consequences of Habitat Fragmentation
Raphael K Didham
Published online: November 2010
Seed Banks and Gene Banks
Michael J Ambrose
Published online: September 2010
Environmental Impact of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
Rosemary S Hails
Published online: September 2009
Wetland Communities
Rebecca R Sharitz, Darold P Batzer
Published online: September 2009
Invasion of Introduced Species
Daniel Simberloff
Published online: March 2009
Strategies of Reserve Selection
Mar Cabeza, Astrid van Teeffelen
Published online: March 2009
Sustainable Use of Populations and Overexploitation
Mikko Heino, Katja Enberg
Published online: December 2008
Conservation and Behaviour
Richard Buchholz, Patrick Yamnik, Cassan N Pulaski, Chelsea A Campbell
Published online: December 2008
The Role of Biodiversity
Andrew Wilby, Andy Hector
Published online: December 2008
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Georgina M Mace
Published online: July 2008
Restoration and Creation of Freshwater and Estuarine Wetlands
M Siobhan Fennessy, Ellen R Herbert
Published online: April 2008
Amphibian Decline
Tim Halliday
Published online: March 2008
Tropical Forest Animal Communities
John Kricher
Published online: December 2007
Water Conservation and Efficiency
Heather Cooley, Peter H Gleick
Published online: September 2007
Plant Biodiversity
Stephen A Harris
Published online: April 2007
Global Water Cycle
Nigel W Arnell
Published online: May 2005
Scott J Henderson, Robert J Whittaker
Published online: March 2003
Jason Bradford
Published online: February 2003
Listings: 1-25   26-50   51-55