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Germ Line Mutation Rates in Old World Monkeys
Lucy AP Tran, Susanne P Pfeifer
Published online: October 2018
Red Queen Theory
Jack da Silva
Published online: August 2018
Allele Spectrum of Human Genetic Disease
Kenneth M Weiss
Published online: May 2017
Gene Copy‐Number Changes in Evolution
Ulfar Bergthorsson, Vaishali Katju
Published online: May 2016
The Evolution of Centromeric DNA Sequences
Judith D Brown, Rachel J O'Neill
Published online: September 2014
Comparison of Rates and Patterns of Meiotic Recombination between Human and Chimpanzee
Jan Freudenberg
Published online: October 2013
Molecular Evolution: Patterns and Rates
Lindell Bromham
Published online: September 2013
Molecular Evolution: Rates
Lindell Bromham
Published online: September 2013
Evolution of Microsatellite DNA
Iris M Vargas Jentzsch, Andrew TM Bagshaw, Emmanuel Buschiazzo, Angelika Merkel, Neil J Gemmell
Published online: September 2013
Rapid Evolution of Genes on the Human X Chromosome
Erika M Kvikstad, Kateryna D Makova
Published online: September 2013
Phylogeny Reconstruction
Iker Irisarri, Rafael Zardoya
Published online: June 2013
Fixation Probabilities and Times
Sarah P Otto, Michael C Whitlock
Published online: June 2013
Molecular Clocks: Determining the Age of the Human–Chimpanzee Divergence
Michael I Jensen‐Seaman, Kathryn A Hooper‐Boyd
Published online: May 2013
Adaptive Evolution of Centromeric Proteins
Kevin C Roach, Benjamin D Ross, Harmit S Malik
Published online: November 2011
Molecular Clock: Testing
Fabia Ursula Battistuzzi, Alan J Filipski, Sudhir Kumar
Published online: July 2011
Experimental Evolution in Viruses
Rafael Sanjuán, Pilar Domingo‐Calap
Published online: May 2011
Evolution of Immune Proteins in Insects
Mark S Bulmer
Published online: November 2010
Cambrian Explosion
Xavier Fernàndez‐Busquets
Published online: September 2010
Mutation Rate of Non‐CpG DNA
Anthony V Furano, Jean‐Claude Walser
Published online: December 2009
Hotspots of Mammalian Chromosome Evolution
Lutz Froenicke, Leslie A Lyons
Published online: July 2008
Are Humans Still Evolving?
Floyd A Reed
Published online: July 2008
Rapidly Evolving Regions of the Human Genome
Subhash Mohan Agarwal
Published online: July 2008
Molecular Clocks
Wen‐Hsiung Li, Kateryna D Makova
Published online: April 2008
Molecular Clocks
Andrew Peter Martin
Published online: December 2007
Synonymous and Nonsynonymous Rates
Soojin Yi
Published online: December 2007
Listings: 1-25   26-35