Evolution & Diversity of Life

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Cultural Evolution
Alex Mesoudi
Published online: October 2018
Population History of the Gond: The Largest Tribal Population of South Asia
Gyaneshwer Chaubey, Rakesh K Upadhyay, George van Driem
Published online: June 2018
The Origin of the Acheulian
Manuel Domínguez‐Rodrigo
Published online: May 2018
Ancient Population Genomics
Sankar Subramanian
Published online: February 2018
Vitamin D
Carsten Carlberg
Published online: February 2018
Genetic Disease: Prevalence
Joël Zlotogora
Published online: September 2017
Genetic Heterogeneity between Berbers and Arabs
Lara R Arauna, David Comas
Published online: September 2017
Evolution of Culture
Michael Bradie
Published online: September 2017
Human Tool Use and the Left Inferior Parietal Cortex
François Osiurak
Published online: August 2017
Evolutionary Biology and Mitochondrial Genomics: 50 000 Mitochondrial DNA Genomes and Counting
Rob DeSalle, Heike Hadrys
Published online: July 2017
Brain Growth in Homo erectus
Zachary Cofran
Published online: June 2017
Spread of Hominins in Asia
Sang‐Hee Lee, Dänae G Khorasani
Published online: May 2017
Using Evolutionary Biology in the Medical Sciences
Michael F Antolin
Published online: April 2017
Chromosome 10
Theologia Sarafidou, Nicholas Moschonas
Published online: March 2017
Chromosome 15
Chantal Farra, Cynthia C Morton
Published online: March 2017
Mitochondrial Genome
Cecilia Saccone, Gemma Gadaleta
Published online: January 2017
Chromosome 8
Matthew J Hilton, Dan E Wells
Published online: January 2017
Deciduous Dentition of Fossil Hominins
Shara E Bailey
Published online: January 2017
Cranial Vault Thickness in the Genus Homo
Lynn E Copes
Published online: January 2017
Vertebrate Embryo: Craniofacial Development
Philippa Francis‐West, Ivan Crespo‐Enriquez
Published online: December 2016
Sequencing the Human Genome: Novel Insights into Its Structure and Function
Hildegard Kehrer‐Sawatzki, David N Cooper
Published online: November 2016
Genetics and Demographic History of the Bantu
Jorge Rocha, Anne‐Maria Fehn
Published online: November 2016
The Spinal Cord in Hominin Evolution
Marc R Meyer
Published online: August 2016
Sexual Selection: Its Possible Contribution to Recent Human Evolution
Richard A Richards
Published online: June 2016
Sociobiology, Evolutionary Psychology and Genetics
Patrick Bateson
Published online: May 2016
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