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Drosophila as an Experimental Organism for Functional Genomics
Julian AT Dow
Published online: March 2012
Cystathionine β‐synthase (CBS) Deficiency: Genetics
Viktor Kožich, Warren D Kruger, Jan Peter Kraus
Published online: December 2010
Autism: Animal Models
Melissa D Bauman, Jacqueline N Crawley, Robert F Berman
Published online: October 2010
Animal Models of Human Behaviour
Stephen C Maxson
Published online: June 2010
Deconstructing Gene Function through ENU Mutagenesis
Abraham Acevedo‐Arozena, Thomas Ricketts, Silvia Corrochano
Published online: April 2010
Xenopus as an Experimental Organism
Emmanuel Tadjuidje, Janet Heasman
Published online: March 2010
Inbred Animal Strains
Tsutomu Kurosawa
Published online: September 2009
Transgenic Animal Models of B‐ and T‐Cell Autoreactivity
Marko Z Radic
Published online: December 2008
Major Histocompatibility Complex Genes: Mouse H‐2
Jiří Hatina
Published online: July 2008
Comparing the Human and Canine Genomes
Marek Switonski, Izabela Szczerbal
Published online: March 2008
The Rat Genome as a Rodent Model in Evolutionary Studies
Kim Fechtel
Published online: March 2008
Microorganisms: Applications in Molecular Biology
Jill B Keeney
Published online: December 2007
Mouse Knockouts: Modifying the Mouse Genome by using Embryonic Stem Cells
Ahmed Mansouri
Published online: December 2007
Dictyostelium as a Biomedical Model
Katrina Boeckeler, Robin SB Williams
Published online: September 2007
Bacillus subtilis as a Model for Bacterial Systems Biology
Colin R Harwood
Published online: April 2007
Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator Sequences: Comparative Analysis
Jian‐Min Chen, Guillaume Lecointre, Erick Denamur, Claude Férec
Published online: September 2006
Mouse N‐ethyl‐N‐nitrosourea (ENU) Mutagenesis
Monica J Justice, Jennifer L Northrop
Published online: September 2006
Inherited Retinal Diseases: Vertebrate Animal Models
Wolfgang Baehr, Jeanne Frederick
Published online: January 2006
Mouse as a Model for Human Diseases
Steve David, Macleod Brown
Published online: January 2006
Yeast as a Model for Human Diseases
Judith L Fridovich‐Keil
Published online: January 2006
Transgenic Mice
Charles Babinet
Published online: January 2006
Animal Models
David R Beier
Published online: January 2006
Mouse Genetics as a Research Tool
Corina Moen, Marten Hofker
Published online: January 2006
Artificial Chromosomes
David Schlessinger, Ramaiah Nagaraja
Published online: January 2006
Position Effect Variegation in Human Genetic Disease
Timothy J Parnell, Stephanie K Grade, Pamela K Geyer, Lori L Wallrath
Published online: January 2006
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