Robin Attfield





Current Affiliation: Cardiff University, UK

Research Area: Environmental Philosophy and Ethics

“Environmental ethics is crucial for the guidance of individuals, corporations and governments in shaping their actions and policies across the entire range of environmental issues.”


Robin Attfield is a Professor of Philosophy based at Cardiff University. His research spans the ethics and history of ideas, philosophy of religion and environmental philosophy, with a number of prominent publications to his name in each area. Professor Attfield studied Philosophy, Classics and Ancient History at Christ Church, Oxford, as well as Theology at Regent’s Park College. He has lectured in Philosophy at Cardiff University since 1968, as well as teaching briefly in both Nigeria and Kenya. He gained his PhD in 1972 and has been a Professor of Philosophy since 1992.


Professor Attfield is chair of the Cardiff Branch of the Royal Institute of Philosophy and recently took part in a UNESCO international working party on Environmental Ethics.


Recent books by Robin Attfield:


'Environmental Ethics', Cambridge: Polity, 2003

'Ethics: An Overview', London and New York: Continuum, 2012

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eLS articles by Robin Attfield:


Environmental Ethics: An Overview