RNA Editing


RNA editing is a form of RNA processing that can occur in either the nucleus, chloroplast or mitochondrion of cells and involves the co‐ or posttranscriptional modification of RNA from that encoded in DNA through nucleotide deletion, insertion or base‐modification mechanisms.

Keywords: amino acid sequence; evolution; organelles; RNA editing; RNA processing

Figure 1.

Models proposed for the mechanisms of different forms of RNA editing. A simplistic model is shown for only those forms of RNA editing that are best characterized. For each model, an example of the editing event is given to the left. Only the most basic parts of each editing mechanism are indicated, with the presumptive editing complex or editosome appearing in green, and the catalytic subunit (APOBEC‐1) indicated. The protein composition of the editosomes has in most cases not been fully characterized and is therefore only suggested by the green circle surrounding the editing site (for details see Tables and . The actual editing site is indicated by a bold arrowhead with the consequence given as ‘C/U’ (cytidine to uridine), ‘A/I’ (adenosine to inosine), ‘U’ (uridine insertion) and ‘G’ (guanidine insertion).


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