Carrel, Alexis


Alexis Carrel (1873–1944) was a French surgeon who successfully joined blood vessels by end‐to‐end anastomosis with triangulation sutures, thereby permitting the rapid re‐establishment of blood circulation to a transplanted organ. The successful transplantation of organs was realised only after the discovery, many years later, of powerful immunosuppressant drugs. Carrel's other scientific contributions included the invention, with Charles Lindberg, of a perfusion pump to facilitate organ transplantation, wound antisepsis and the culture of organs and cells. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his successful procedures of vascular suturing and anastomosis techniques.

Keywords: organ transplantation; tissue culture; Carrel flask; triangulation sutures; end‐to‐end anastomosis; perfusion pump

Figure 1.

Alexis Carrel. Photograph from the private collection of Julius M. Cruse, MD, PhD. © Julius M. Cruse.


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