Embryophyta (Land Plants)


Almost all plants that live on land are classified as Embryophyta, with the exception of some terrestrial algae. Embryophyta includes a remarkable diversity of forms and some of the largest living organisms on Earth.

Keywords: bryophyte; tracheophyte; phylogeny; systematics; fossil

Figure 1.

Fossil and living Embryophyta. (a) 390 million year old fossil of Cooksonia pertoni (rhyniophyte) showing a minute dichotomous stem with expanded spore‐bearing terminal regions. Sewing needle for scale on left. (b) The living hornwort Anthoceros; s, long, thin sporophyte (spore‐bearing part of life cycle); g, thalloid gametophyte (gamete‐bearing part of life cycle).

Figure 2.

Summary of relationships among some major groups of land plants. †, extinct group. (a) The relationship between bryophytes (mosses, hornworts, liverworts) and tracheophytes (all other groups). (b) Relationships among major groups of euphyllophytes (all living tracheophytes except lycopods).

Figure 3.

Soft tissue preservation in 400 million year old land plants from the Rhynie Chert, Scotland. (a) Cross‐section of stem. (b) Tetrad of spores inside a sporangium. (c) Guard cells of stomate in epidermis.


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