Malvales (Mallow)


Malvales are a large and diverse group of trees and shrubs found mostly in the tropics and subtropics.

Keywords: cotton; chocolate; baobab; durian; cola

Figure 1.

Phylogenetic relationships of Malvaceae and Malvales based on DNA sequence data. Within the expanded concept of Malvaceae (s.l., sensu lato), nine clades are given the rank of subfamily. All Malvaceae in the traditional sense are in Malvoideae. Genera formerly placed in the Bombacaceae are divided among Malvoideae, Bombacoideae and Helicteroideae. Former Sterculiaceae are included in Malvoideae, Dombeyoideae, Sterculioideae, Helicteroideae and Byttnerioideae. Former Tiliaceae are in Tilioideae, Brownlowioideae and Grewioideae.


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