Hematopoietic Stem Cells


Hematopoietic stem cells are the common ancestor to every type of blood cell. They undergo massive proliferation and differentiation to produce billions of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

Keywords: blood; hematopoietic stem cell; transplantation

Figure 1.

Hematopoiesis and gene transduction. Pluripotent hematopoietic stem cells undergo self‐renewal or commitment to differentiation under the influence of hematopoietic growth factors produced from the bone marrow stromal cells (e.g. interleukin‐6 (IL‐6), (SCF), granulocyte–monocyte colony stimulating factor (GM‐CSF), flt‐3 ligand (FL) and (TPO)). Progenitor cells proliferate and differentiate along pathways of increasingly restricted developmental potential to produce mature blood cells. CFU‐GM: granulocyte–monocyte colony‐forming unit; CFU‐GEMM: granulocyte–erythrocyte–monocyte–megakaryocyte colony‐forming unit; BFU‐E: burst‐forming unit‐erythroid.



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