Chromosome 7


Human chromosome 7 is a submetacentric chromosome containing 5.3% of the genome. It is characterized by T‐cell receptor and homeobox A gene clusters and contains several imprinted genes.

Keywords: chromosome 7; disease; genes; maps; DNA sequence


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Web Links

Genew Human Gene Nomenclature Database Search Engine. A gene‐based entry point into genomic/genetic as well as disease/phenotype information‐bin/nomenclature/

Human Genome Organization (HUGO). HUGO has established a reference website for chromosome 7 providing links to all other relevant sites housing information for that chromosome and the diseases that map to it

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM).

The chromosome 7 Annotation Project. A new website to support research community initiatives for functional and medical annotation of human chromosome 7 has been established at http: // This site contains a description of the complete sequence of human chromosome 7, a curated gene set as well as other features such as structural, functional and medical annotation data.

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