MicroRNAs in Cardiovascular Development and Diseases


Small molecule microribonucleic acids (miRNAs) are coming up with a huge impact on the scientific world of therapeutics and diagnostics. These 22–24 nucleotide small noncoding RNAs acting as negative gene regulators are found to be involved in a broad range of homeostasis process. One of the major health‐related concerns in current scenario is the development of heart problems leading to cardiomyopathy and heart failure in extreme conditions. The disease condition is associated with both lifestyle and genetic factors. The role of miRNAs governing the regulation of the genes involved in heart development and diseases is being studied extensively. Some of the miRNAs present abundantly in heart and regulating the process of cardiovascular development and diseases are miR‐1, miR‐133, miR‐499, miR‐208 and miR‐199b. This article presents a brief review on the roles of these miRNAs in cardiac development and diseases along with their potential in heart regeneration.

Key Concepts

  • A large fraction of miRNAs are expressed in heart regulating the gene expression.
  • miR‐1/133b, miR‐208/499 and miR‐17‐92 clusters are majorly involved in the cardiovascular systems.
  • An imbalance or downregulation of the crucial miRNAs is associated with the development of cardiac diseases.
  • Heart regeneration can be achieved by the exogenous supply of deregulated miRNAs.

Keywords: mircoRNAs; cardiovascular development; cardiomyopathy; myocardial infarction; heart regeneration

Figure 1. Biogenesis and mechanism of action of microRNAs. Reproduced and adapted from Shruti et al. () © Elsevier.
Figure 2. Involvement of miRNAs in heart development.
Figure 3. miRNAs involvement in heart failure and heart diseases.


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