Regeneration: Invertebrates

Pub Date A-Z
Stem Cell Niches in Drosophila
Jennifer Urban, Xin Chen
Published online: June 2020
Regeneration in Crustaceans and Insects
Sumbul J Khan, Keaton J Schuster, Rachel K Smith‐Bolton
Published online: June 2016
Regeneration in Invertebrates: Model Systems
John M Allen, Kelly G Ross, Ricardo M Zayas
Published online: May 2016
Evolutionary Aspects of Annelid Regeneration
Veronica G Martinez‐Acosta, Mark J Zoran
Published online: October 2015
Hemichordates: Development
Norio Miyamoto, Hiroshi Wada
Published online: April 2015
An Introduction to Planarians and Their Stem Cells
Ellen Aboukhatwa, Aziz Aboobaker
Published online: January 2015
Regeneration in Hydra
Brigitte Galliot
Published online: November 2013
Regeneration in Echinoderms and Ascidians
M Daniela Candia Carnevali, Paolo Burighel
Published online: September 2010
Regeneration: Principles
Charles E Dinsmore
Published online: April 2001