Lipids and Membrane Structure

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Lipid Rafts
Véronique Germain, Artemis Perraki, Sébastien Mongrand
Published online: September 2012
Membrane Targeting: Methods
Alemayehu A Gorfe, Harrison J Hocker
Published online: January 2012
Archaeal Membrane Lipids and Applications
G Dennis Sprott
Published online: August 2011
Protein Association with Membrane Rafts
Michael Veit, Bastian Thaa
Published online: June 2011
Stephen L Gregory, Robert Saint
Published online: May 2011
Phosphoinositides – The Seven Species: Conversion and Cellular Roles
Daniel Lietha
Published online: February 2011
Membrane Lipid Biosynthesis
Jean E Vance
Published online: September 2010
Lipid Bilayers
Antonio Raudino, Maria Grazia Sarpietro
Published online: June 2010
Gregory Gregoriadis, Yvonne Perrie
Published online: January 2010
Membrane Rafts and Caveolae
Candice M Thomas, Eric J Smart
Published online: September 2008
Red Cell Membrane and Transport Systems: Hereditary Disorders
Ronald L Nagel
Published online: April 2006
Diffraction from Bilayers
Huey W Huang
Published online: January 2006
Fatty Acids: Structures and Properties
Arild C Rustan, Christian A Drevon
Published online: September 2005
Lipoprotein Metabolism: Structure and Function
John D Brunzell, Alan Chait
Published online: May 2003
Vitamin E Deficiency
Mohsen Meydani, Takuro Koga, Samina Ali
Published online: January 2003
Membrane Dynamics
Lukas K Tamm, Volker Kiessling, Michael L Wagner
Published online: March 2002
Cell Structure
Nancy J Lane
Published online: April 2001
Cell Surface Glycoconjugates
André Verbert, René Cacan
Published online: April 2001
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