Single Molecule Analysis

Pub Date A-Z
Vaccinia Virus Expression System
Yper Hall, Miles W Carroll
Published online: January 2018
Two‐Hybrid and Related Systems
Neha Sakhawalkar, John Harry Caufield, Peter Uetz
Published online: May 2017
Single‐Molecule Light Microscopy
Klaus Yserentant, Dirk‐Peter Herten
Published online: March 2016
Single Particle EM
José‐Jesús Fernández, José‐María Valpuesta
Published online: March 2015
Small‐Angle Scattering of Neutrons and X‐Rays
Naveed A Nadvi, John YH Chow, Jill Trewhella
Published online: February 2015
Semliki Forest Virus Expression System
Mathilda Sjöberg
Published online: July 2014
Computational Methods for Interpretation of EM Maps at Subnanometer Resolution
Matthew L Baker, Mariah R Baker, Yao Cong
Published online: January 2012
Structure Determination by Single Particle Cryo‐electron Tomography
Thomas Hrabe, Friedrich Förster
Published online: February 2011
Cryogenic Detectors: Detection of Single Molecules
Damian Twerenbold
Published online: September 2006
DNA Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics
Terence Strick, Jean‐François Allemand, David Bensimon, Vincent Croquette
Published online: January 2006
Microinjection of mRNA into Somatic Cells
Maki Murata‐Hori, Yu‐Li Wang
Published online: May 2005
Gene Expression in Escherichia coli
Michael Mingfu Ling
Published online: April 2001
Mass Spectrometry in Biology
John R Yates
Published online: April 2001